Who we are

Who we are


As the national agency for sport we are the lead agency for the development of sport in Scotland. We invest our time, our expertise and public funding in developing a world class sporting system at all levels. This system connects school sport, club sport and performance sport. We work with partners to develop this world class system, investing in and joining up the people, places, partnerships and planning that make sport happen.

sportscotland institute of sport

As the high performance arm of sportscotland, the institute is working with our partners to build greater success for Scottish sport. We provide high performance expertise to sport and athletes in Scotland.

At the sportscotland institute of sport (SIS) we think of ourselves as the team behind the team and deliver a range of performance impacting services  to over 40 Olympic and Paralympic sports along with a select number of non-Olympic sports of national significance to Scotland including rugby, women’s football, golf and cricket. 

What we do

We work with sport governing body (SGB) identified athletes as they progress along their sporting pathway. We are supporting athletes who are currently performing on the world stage and athletes with the potential to get there.

We work in teams to provide a targeted service that supports coaches and sports in helping to improve the training, preparation and performance of their athletes.  This includes:

  • Optimising training and practice
  • Realising potential and getting the best from athletes bodies
  • Assisting athletes to achieve peak performance at major competitions
  • Enabling athletes and coaches to prevent, reduce and manage injuries
  • Helping athletes and coaches to manage pressure and stress
  • Deploying performance enhancing technology
  • Providing insight and analysis to enable athletes to develop strategies and tactics for competition
  • Helping sports develop talent programmes 


How we do it

Athletes begin their pathway through sport at grass roots level, where their talent is recognised and realised at age group representative and academy level with their SGB.

Through discussions between the SGB and a High Performance Manager (HPM) at the sportscotland institute of sport, a plan is created which details which support services that sport requires and which athletes we will work with.

The level of support is agreed at a national level and then delivered locally by our experts through the sportscotland institute of sport network at one of our six regional offices.

We work with athletes and coaches daily across the institute network at 6 locations around the country in Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen.

We also travel the world with them to provide expertise and support at training camps and whilst at competition.

If an athlete becomes very successful, they will often move onto compete and train with British programmes and work with experts in organisations such as UKsport.

Teams of expert coaches and practitioners work together to manage and deliver cutting edge expertise in high performance management, coaching, sports medicine, physiotherapy, sport science, sport nutrition, sport psychology, performance lifestyle, strength and conditioning, performance analysis, and talent programmes