How we work

Performance Lifestyle (PL) Advisers will normally begin working with a new athlete by 'profiling' them. This profile allows an athlete to speak about key areas of their life and allows the performance lifestyle adviser to identify any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the athletes life in line with their aspirations in and out of sport.

As advisers, we adopt a coaching and mentoring philosophy which empowers the athlete to make decisions for themselves. Following any profile we will work closely with sports coaches and other identified stakeholders (which may include schools, employers, parents etc.) to ensure that everyone is aware of the athlete's situation/goals and explain that they can positively influence the outcome.

Athletes can also be referred to performance lifestyle by a coach, parent or another member of the SIS team. This usually results in one-to-one meetings with the athlete and PL Adviser to discuss and plan a way forward.

In certain instances we can bring all the people who are working with the athlete together to discuss a situation collectively and agree how to proceed - this is sometimes called a 'case conference'.

If additional expertise is required to resolve the issue then PL will refer the athlete to a specialist.