The goal of our performance focused physiotherapy team is to provide the best environment in which to optimise physical potential in order to achieve results. Central to this is preparing athletes to perform their way onto the podium.

The SIS utilises a network of first class physiotherapists with a vast experience in working with high performance athletes and sports. We provide a fast and efficient response following injury and work closely with our team of expert service providers to ensure that injury prevention protocols are implemented in athletes' day to day training programme.

Dynamic profiling

Institute supported athletes are offered dynamic profiling on an annual basis. This method of individual assessment is unique to the SIS.  In order to optimise potential athletes' individual needs are assessed in relation to the specific demands of their sport. This is not always about injury but more often relates to identifying weak areas, improving movement patterns to allow enhanced skill development. We regularly meet with coach and athlete to discuss where physical imperfections could result in a wide range of issues contributing to recurrent injuries, inconsistency in form and under achievement.

Addressing issues in this manner optimises performance and helps prevent injuries. This integrated approach provides a solid platform and the tools to help springboard athletes to success.

Integrated approach to training

Physiotherapists work closely with Strength & Conditioning coaches to target athletes requiring more input, for example - newly inducted athletes, those returning following injury and athletes prone to injury. Together with the coach and athlete we agree the areas which could benefit from an intense period of training and this is monitored over time to ensure the athlete's improvement in the gym is in line with performance in their sport.

Massage Therapy

Is a separate, but integrated, strand of the Physiotherapy Team. We have several massage therapists in the network and their work complements the physiotherapy aspect of institute support.