Talent transfer

Since 2008 we have run a number of successful talent transfer initiatives in partnership with a number of key sports where athletes have transferred from one sport to another they are more suited to. This work was part of the Gold4Glasgow talent initiative.

Gold4Glasgow was the campaign name for our first development of the talent initiative targeted at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

In this initiative we were looking for people across a number of sports who had the potential to represent Scotland and Great Britain at the highest level.

We looked for people who felt they had a potential for a sport they had never tried before or felt that they have what it takes but have never had an opportunity in high performance sport. We also look at talent transer - where an athlete had to give up one sport but had skills that could be transferred into something else. There are lots of examples of how this can work; runners and swimmers moving into triathlon; gymnasts moving into pole vault, diving and weightlifting; runner rowers and skiiers moving into cycling; rugby players moving into judo and rowing; swimmers moving into canoeing; football players moving into hockey and athletics or sprinters and jumpers moving into bobsleigh and skeleton.

It wasn't easy but our experience so far has shown us that a strong mindset is crucial. We wanted people who love a challenge, who push themselves, who don't give up when things go wrong and who are motivated to do what it takes to succeed.

We ran a number of assessment events and sport specific testing days for people who felt that they had what it takes to succeed. We then confirmed their talent through rigorous testing and training camps, and selected a very special few to advance to high performance development programmes.

Individuals who managed to make it through to final selection have been working with some of the best coaches in Scottish sport and the many experts at the sportscotland institute of sport.

Since May 2009 we have run 6 sport specific Gold4Glasgow events in Women's cycling, Judo, Triathlon, Track Cycling, Paralympic Powerlifting and Women's netball.

We will run more events looking for athletes who can compete at future games but not under the Gold4Glasgow banner.