The sportscotland institute of sport talent programme was established in 2008 to complement existing talent pathways and help increase the number of Scots achieving success on the world stage

Our focus has been on 2 key areas; developing initiatives to transfer athletes from one sport to another sport they are more suited to and developing a better practical understanding of talent to enhance the success of existing talent pathways.

We are keen to share what we have learned and we hope the following sections will be useful in helping you understand more about this important area.

If you have any comments about our work in talent or topics you would like to know more about, contact us by email using talent@sisport.com

How can a pen and paper make you a better athlete?

Watch our new animation, 'How can a pen and paper make you a better athlete?' and download the 'How to plan for success guide' using the links below - there is a blank plan and an example plan which has already been filled in to help get you thinking.

Use the 'Plan for success guide' and our animation together (with some hard work and dedication) to help improve your sporting performance and achieve your sporting goals!

So, watch the film, download the plan and find out how you can become EVEN BETTER at sport!

Download the 'How to Plan for Success' Guide here:

Or if you'd rather edit the document WITHOUT a pen and paper:

Understanding talent

Watch our original short animation, 'Understanding Talent', to help young athletes understand more about the concept of 'talent' and how you get good at sport!

We also have a set of questions to help guide the conversation with young athletes who have watched the film.